Indoor Sirene

Wireless indoor siren.
– 100% battery powered
– You can use a permanent power supply if you wish.
– Scares and pressurises the intruder with a loud 90 dB sound if the alarm goes off.
– Buzzer when the entrance door is opened
– Sound or light indication of alarm status (arm/disarm).

Product Description

Power supply: USB 5V 1A

Batteries: 3x AA batteries

Transmission distance: About 1000m without obstacles

Standby consumption: <110uA

Consumption in operation: <350mA

Siren volume: 90dB@30cm

Warning Light Colour: Red/Blue/Yellow

Operating temperature: -10ºC~50ºC

Humidity: <90%rh (non-condensing)

Add anti-theft: Installed

Ringtone and volume settings: Accepted

Standby battery life: 24 months

Exterior material/Case: PC+ABS

LED system status indicator: Yes

Weight: 121.0g (without batteries)