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About Us

With over 30 years experience we have seen huge changes in the way we communicate. Our aim is to be truly admired, fully client orientated, innovative, competitive and ambitious.

We are in the front line of the triple play services of voice, video and data. We provide homes, hotels and businesses with symmetric internet speeds of up to 1Gbps, access to excellent TV content (via our partnership with AMLA), and affordable phone packages for calls.

We make getting online easy with easy to understand packages, a simple sign-up process, flexible contracts, and helpful staff.

Our fibre coverage extends through Algarve neighbourhoods as far west as Vilamoura and Albufeira, around the coast to Quinta do Lago, and up to Loulé.

It will be our pleasure to serve you. See if you’re covered by LAZER fibre internet here.


Through Lazer, our clients can be connected to what really matters in their lives, whether it’s a job opportunity, video calls with the family, or simple entertainment. Our clients can rely on our uncongested network, our dedication to service and our promise of LAZER speed!


Entertainment becomes a breeze with fibre. You can easily stream movies, series, podcasts, music and even online education content with high bandwidth fibre.

Working from home
With a fibre connection, working from home becomes a real possibility. You’ll be able to download and upload all the files you need to keep business as usual. And with the consistency that fibre offers, be able to confidently communicate instantly, in a video call with anyone, anywhere.

The beauty with high bandwidth lines is that you’ll be able to download massive games and be able to play them in less time! Combine that with a low latency connection and you’ll have a consistent, seamless gaming adventure across PCs, mobile and consoles.

Latest Technology
With the growing presence of Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things bandwidth and consistency are more important than ever. With fibre, you’re future proofing your connectivity with the rest of the world.

Choose Lazer

Lazer installs in selected neighbourhoods in the Algarve region. Deploying infrastructure can be disruptive so we regularly communicate the roll-out schedule and progress updates to residents.

Please be sure to show your interest in the fibre roll-out in your area to get added to our database so that we can provide you with project updates and important information.

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