Airfibre Internet

Bringing fast Internet speeds to rural areas of the Algarve!

Choose the right plan for your home!

Our AirFibre solution is currently available in areas within Almancil, Santa Bárbara de Nexe, Olhão and its surroundings, São Bras de Alportel, Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo, Moncarapacho, Estoi, North-East of Loulé, Alfeição, Vale Telheiro, Paderne, Abelheira, and Boliqueime!


50 Mbps
34,99PM IVA Included


100 Mbps
39,99PM IVA Included



1What is Air Fibre?
Air Fibre is a wireless point to multipoint (PTMP) solution that relies on the 5.8GHz unlicensed band, and it's capable of delivering speeds of 100mbps upto 12km distance as long as theres direct line of sight to our towers. This system is ideal for quick deployment of high speed broadband on rural areas. Because it requires line of sight to the tower, an antenna on the roof or elevated area will be installed on the customer's property to be abre to receive the signals correctly, as well as a wifi router inside.
2Who is it for?
Air Fibre is the ideal solution for areas where there is currently no Lazer fibre internet and it may not be cost-effective for internet service providers to install fibre in the area or the cost of installation is high. Air Fibre is the perfect alternative to unreliable or slow mobile or ADSL connections and expensive satellite internet. It works perfectly well with conference video calls, TV streaming, social networks, etc, providing a fast and responsive internet access very similar to a regular fiber connection.
3What can it provide?
Air Fibre provides speeds up to 100mbps depending on the package chosen, unlimited traffic.
4What do I need to consider?
It is important to know that while many customers regularly receive speeds of 100mbps or sometimes more, the speed of Air Fibre can be impacted by more factors than physical fibre. Examples of this include the location of the property, how easy it is to get a direct line-of-sight connection, electromagnetic interference (EMI), distance to the cell tower and usage at peak times. When the average usage is high, you may experience issues if you're using latency/jitter sensible applications like some online games.
5What is the future of Air Fibre?
Air Fibre is the first step toward Lazer installing fibre internet across more of the Algarve. If there is sufficient demand in an area, we will consider whether it is viable for us to install our super-fast fibre internet which will increase the reliability and speeds for all users.